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Welcome to what is Definitely Not a Cult Game

Build your cult one week at a time by recruiting townsfolk, converting prospects, and sabotaging your heathen enemies. Use tried-and-true methods gathered from the most successful cults from the real world.


pick a game

Pick your favorite or randomly select one of the Victory Cards to determine how winning will be determined this game.


Roll a die for every day to determine how useful your actions will be on that day. Nobody wants to come to a book burning in the rain!

Plan your week

Players will put down one card per day face down. Look for synergies for big gains or try to sabotage your opponent's plans.

reveal your plan

Day by day, players will reveal their cards. If no winner has been decided this week, draw new cards and start a new one.

confettiHouse man jumpingChurch man jumpingTemple man jumpingCollective man jumping

unuique features

  • Immerse yourself in the real-world tactics cults use to attract and then convert members.

  • Unique Weekly Planner gameplay. Place one card for each day. Create combos and and sabotage others.

  • Multiple game types means strategies will change between games.

  • As the landscape changes, adjust your strategy to maintain control.

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With printer friendly cards and rules.

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Reality Check

Cults are a very real and misunderstood part of our world. Many members are written off as weak-minded, but the manipulative tactics employed by cults can affect just about anybody. By infusing real-world cult behavior into this fun and light-hearted game it is my hope that people gain exposure into cult methodology, making it easier to spot and avoid!

Don’t believe that most cards are based on real-world events? Good! You shouldn’t believe things you are told by strangers. Do some research and find out for yourself!

Conversion Camp Artwork